Dear Journey Church Family,

We recently began an eight-week sermon series titled, “Neighboring.”  As Mr. Rogers so clearly articulated, “please won’t you be my neighbor” is a phrase that our world desperately needs right now.  In a time of great division, unrest, and uncertainty we need to follow Jesus as He leads us into radical love for God and for our neighbors.  It is our hope that in this season we can have a tangible impact in our neighborhoods.  We believe that if we work toward becoming better neighbors, it will change things around us in a positive and profound way.  We also believe that Jesus gave us everything that we need to bring his Kingdom to this Earth, and that he has asked us to begin with our neighbors.  This guidebook will serve you in exploring some tangible ways to grow in your neighboring.  We pray that God will shape and mold you, and your neighborhood, though this series and that we will be able to look back and see that we’ve become, “the best neighbor ever”, just like Jesus.

Love you all,

Bob and Brian

Start Here:

Use the instructions below to fill out this chart to the best of your ability. 

Your goal is to have it completely full by the end of the sermon series.  See how far you can get by November 1!

A. Fill out the full name of people who live around you (next door, behind, across street, etc.).

B. Next, write in any relevant personal information (not color of a car or something you can see) but something you know from a conversation.

C. Lastly, write in depth information that you would know after connecting with someone.

The BLESS Method

Genesis 12:2-3 says, “I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”


B- Begin with prayer. We want you to ask, God how do you want me to bless the people in the places you’ve sent me to?

L- Listen. Don’t talk, but listen to people, their struggles, their pains, in the places God sent you.

You can’t just check this off. It’s not quick. You have to have a meal with people or a cup of coffee. It builds relationships.

If you listen with people and you eat with people they will tell you how to love them and you’ll know how to serve them.

When the time is right, now we talk and we share the story of how Jesus changed our life.

Top 25 Neighboring Ideas

  1. Stay outside in the front yard longer while watering the yard
  2. Walk your dog regularly around the same time in your neighborhood and introduce yourself neighbors that are outside
  3. Sit on the front porch and letting kids play in the front yard
  4. Pass out baked goods (fresh bread, cookies, brownies, etc.)
  5. Invite neighbors over for dinner
  6. Attend and participate in HOA functions
  7. Attend the parties invited to by neighbors
  8. Do a food drive or coat drive in winter and get neighbors involved
  9. Have a game night (yard games outside, or board games inside)
  10. Have a fire pit with s’more’s in your front driveway and invite neighbors to join you
  11. Grow a garden and give out extra produce to neighbors
  12. Have an Easter egg hunt on your block and invite neighbors use their front yards
  13. Start a weekly open meal night in your home
  14. Do a summer BBQ every Friday night and invite others to contribute
  15. Create a block/ street email and phone contact list for safety
  16. Host a sports game watching party
  17. Host a coffee and dessert night
  18. Organize and host an artistic creation night
  19. Organize a tasting tour on your street (everyone sets up food and table on front porch)
  20. Host a movie night and discussion afterwards
  21. Start a walking/running group in the neighborhood
  22. Start hosting a play date weekly for other stay at home parents
  23. Organize a carpool for your neighborhood to help save gas
  24. Volunteer to coach a local little league sports team
  25. Have a front yard ice cream party in the summer

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