Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to lead people to become all in followers of Jesus.

Everything we do is an opportunity to reflect the love of Jesus. Whether through discipleship, serving in the community, sharing stories of how God has transformed our lives or numerous other ways, we believe God has called us to be on mission together as a spiritual family.

No matter where you are in your journey with God, there is a place for you here.

Our Values:


As demonstrated by

  • Believing that everyone bears the image of God
  • Seeing others as God sees them
  • Respecting anyone God puts in our path
  • Welcoming all people


As demonstrated by

  • Seeking first the Kingdom of God
  • Acknowledging sin and brokenness while offering hope in Jesus
  • Believing that all things can be redeemed
  • Recognizing the authority of the Scriptures


As demonstrated by

  • Recognizing God as the Creator and His creation is full of joy
  • Laughing at ourselves
  • Purposefully using humor in our communications
  • Acknowledging that laughter is healthy


As demonstrated by

  • Making room in our lives for sacrifice
  • Realizing that God provides in abundance
  • Giving people the benefit of the doubt
  • Managing well all God has entrusted to us
  • Living lives of financial gratitude
  • Running lean to go far


As demonstrated by

  • Hearing and responding to God
  • Living in Jesus-centered community
  • Equipping followers of Jesus for God’s work
  • Creating a culture of transformation and spiritual growth
  • Developing a rhythm of reading and studying the Bible


As demonstrated by

  • Engaging people where they are
  • Creating compelling environments
  • Being diligent in all we do
  • Doing only the things that really matter
  • Replicating leaders, processes, and ministries


As demonstrated by

  • Devoting time to personal and corporate prayer
  • Developing a heart of praise and thankfulness
  • Cultivating creativity and art in worship
  • Learning the will of God